Best Outdoor Umbrellas in 2020 – Reviewed

As relaxing as it is to sit outdoors, it is always better when done in comfort. The amount of shade you have is going to play a big part in this which is why an outdoor umbrella is such an essential summer purchase. Not only can they extend the time you get to spend in the garden, but they are near essential when. you have young ones outside, and the summer is at its peak.

The problem is, it can be hard to find a product that is going to last longer than the first few weeks of the sunshine months. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the best outdoor umbrellas around. Each one has something different about it, but what they all do is make the heat more bearable and the backyard a better place.

Quick Summary of Best Outdoor Umbrellas

 Editor’s Choice 
Abba Patio 9 ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor Market Table Umbrella  (review)
 Most Convenient 
wikiwiki Offset Umbrella 10ft Cantilever Patio Umbrella Hanging Market Umbrella  (review)
 Best With LED Lights 
Best Choice Products 10ft 360-Degree LED Cantilever Offset Hanging Market Patio Umbrella  (review)
 Best Canopy Replacement 
MASTERCANOPY 9ft Patio Umbrella Replacement Canopy Market Table Umbrella Canopy  (review)
 Best Sun Shade Sail 
Shade&Beyond 10’x13′ Rectangle Sun Shade Sail  (review)
 Best Value 
Formosa Covers 7.5 Foot Aluminum Market Umbrella  (review)


Editor’s Choice: Abba Patio 9 ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor Market Table Umbrella

One of the most versatile and popular outdoor umbrellas available in the market-style that never seems to go out of fashion. The heavy gauge iron pole is 1.5 inches thick which gives it a slimline yet sturdy feel to it and has an antique bronze finish whilst remaining rust-resistant. This gives it an eye-catching style to complement its 9ft canopy and not only does it tilt to provide shade wherever the sun is, but there is a crank mechanism that makes it easy to raise it and lower.

The fabric is also made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and is both water and UV resistant. When closed, the velcro strap helps to keep it secure so the wind can’t cause havoc. It is vented, so even when it is providing shade, it stops the area from becoming stuffy and gives it better wind resistance to top off a well thought out and great value patio umbrella.


  • 9ft canopy that is water and UV resistant
  • Fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials
  • A crank mechanism to raise and lower the umbrella
  • Tilts at multiple angles


Most Convenient: wikiwiki Offset Umbrella 10ft Cantilever Patio Umbrella Hanging Market Umbrella

The hanging design of this outdoor umbrella makes it eyecatching for all the right reasons. The 10 ft pole allows it to get high enough to provide plenty of shade and the fabric used is fade resistant for a long-lasting pleasant look. It is this that also provides UV protection for anyone underneath and the iron poles are coated with anti-oxidation paint to prevent corrosion.

The arm tilt is flexible and allows the user to change the angle it as the sun moves throughout the day with 8 supportive ribs and a sturdy core, it is an impressive structure that feels safe. There are different ways to fix it to the ground so wether you bolt it, use sandbags or purchase a weighted base, it can provide plenty of shade all day long.


  • 10 ft pole
  • UV protection from the fade resistant material
  • Coated iron poles
  • Arm tilt to change the angle with ease

  • Not as sturdy when the wind picks up without the weighted base

Best With LED Lights: Best Choice Products 10ft 360-Degree LED Cantilever Offset Hanging Market Patio Umbrella

At 10 ft tall, and with 5 tilt settings, there is a lot to like about this outdoor umbrella. It rotates a fill 360 degrees so you can maximize the coverage you are getting and use it all day and night thanks to the included LED lights on the underside of the umbrellas. This makes for a pleasant vibe during the warm months, each rib has 5 lights making 35 in total.

It comes with a cross base that is good at keeping it in place but in strong winds, a weighted base (which can be purchased separately) might be better suited. The minimum pole is to inches thick and has a durable feel to it, and the polyester fabric is fade resistant as well as water and UV resistant, providing excellent protection.


  • Includes35 LED lights
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Has 5 tilt settings
  • Comes with a cross base

  • Some people prefer a weighted base

Best Canopy Replacement: MASTERCANOPY 9ft Patio Umbrella Replacement Canopy Market Table Umbrella Canopy

With 8 ribs to keep it secure and an affordable price tag, this is a welcomed addition to anyone who needs some shade but without the budget to get a product with more features. The polyester fabric is UV resistant and has a decent amount of water resistance.

What you are getting is a replacement canopy so you don’t have to throw your outdoor umbrella out hastily. The ribs and pole are sold separately but with plenty of color options, and sizes available, it is a useful purchase for a lot of gardens.


  • UV resistant
  • Different sizes available
  • Plenty of color options

  • Does not include pole, ribs, or top finial

Best Sun Shade Sail: Shade&Beyond 10’x13′ Rectangle Sun Shade Sail

For extra coverage or to completely throw a small area in the shade, a sail is a great way that is easy to use and does an effective job. This product from Shade&Beyond is available in a variety of sizes and colors and features added pull strength due to its concave sides that stop it from drooping on anyone sat underneath.

The high-density polyurethane material is UV resistant to protect those using it for shade and it is easy to install and can be spot washed easily. It is the sort of product that really complements a courtyard area to keep it cool and nice touches like stainless steel D rings that are resistant to corrosion and keeps everything together.


  • Lots of sizes and colors available
  • Covers a large area
  • Resistant to drooping
  • UV resistant up to 98%

  • Restricted by where it can be installed

Best Value: Formosa Covers 7.5 Foot Aluminum Market Umbrella

For anyone on a budget, this 7.5 ft patio umbrella might not be as tall as some of the competition but it still gives you some of the best features. This means that for a reasonable price you still get to us the crank mechanism to raise and lower the umbrella and vents for airflow to give it wind resistance.

The fiberglass ribs add a layer of security and with a tilt mechanism, it is still able to give more protection than a standard umbrella. The fabric is UV and water-resistant and will also go some way towards preventing mold and mildew from building up. It is a low maintenance and good quality option.


  • Crank mechanism
  • Vents for airflow
  • Water, UV, and mold resistant

  • Only 7.5 ft tall

Outdoor Umbrella Guide

When you are enjoying the best that the summer has to offer, you can get more hours outside when you use a quality outdoor umbrella. These give you the protection to stay. safe when the sun is blazing and enjoy those lazy days with company, or relaxing alone. This is only possible when you purchase a quality product. As there are many sub-par products, you need to be careful.

To help you get the most out of the summer, we have created the following outdoor umbrella guide.

What To Look For In An Outdoor Umbrella


This will be down to all the materials used. Everything from the quality of the cover to the material of the frame will either make it more durable and able to last longer, or more likely to break within the first summer.


Are you trying to cover a small area of your garden or mount it above a table, covering everyone at the same time? These are the sort of considerations that you need to consider before you purchase. 

There are outdoor umbrellas available in pretty much every shape and size so you will no doubt find the ideal product for your garden space. In terms of the height, make sure you don’t have overhanging branches in the area you want to use the umbrella.


A common shape for an outdoor umbrella tends to be an octagon or hexagon. Often referred to as the round types, these give excellent coverage and have decent stability when mounted on a strong frame. 

A square umbrella is good for a modern look and blends in well with other furniture. If you have a long table then a rectangular outdoor umbrella is a good option. 


The canopy needs to provide adequate shade whilst staying strong as it towers overhead. Common materials include acrylic which has decent UV protection, is resistant to fading but comes at an expense.

Then there is polyester which is less resistant to fading than acrylic but still has protection from UV rays and is resistant to mold and water. Polyethylene is another popular option and this is more affordable but you do sacrifice a little UV protection although it is still decent enough for most people. These products are also less resistant to water and mold.

A lot of brands combine different materials to make a unique fabric cover so reads the specifics of each model to make sure you get enough protection.


Most products come with the base included and some are more reliable than others. As long as it can be weighted down you shouldn’t have a problem with stability and some will make it easy to screw the pole in tight.

Your main decision here might be a mobile base that you can move around the garden to a fixed base.

Swivel and Tilt

Some brands allow you to move the canopy at different angles. This is ideal for keeping everyone protected throughout the day when the sun moves.

What Is The Best Outdoor Umbrella Frame?

The quality of the frame will determine how durable the outdoor umbrella is. This means you will either get more use out of it, or it will barely last a season. A wooden frame looks. natural, blends in well outside, and has a quality appeal to it. They also cost a little more and need a little maintenance to extend their lifespan.

With sun exposure, they do tend to fade, even when treated as there is little that can be done with constant use in the sun. Still, if you store them after each use and don’t leave them to the elements, you can get more out of a wooden frame.

A metal frame is a good idea for anyone who wants a slick look that is low maintenance. Look for stainless steel, alloy, or other treated metals. As long as it is rust-resistant you should get plenty of use out of it.

Fiberglass frames are also popular and among the most sturdy options. It has good weather resistance as it doesn’t rust and can bend without breaking making it ideal for windy conditions. It might be more expensive, but fiberglass outdoor umbrellas tend to last longer.

How Heavy Should An Outdoor Umbrella Base Be?

This depends on the weight of the umbrella but allows 10 pounds per ft of the canopy to stop the wind from pushing it over. You will not need so much weight if the pole is going through a garden table to stay upright as well.

Different Types of Outdoor Umbrellas

Although some types are more common, there are more options in this area that a lot of people realize. Here are some of the most popular.

Center Pole

These are your beach umbrella style products and have a simple straight pole that holds the canopy. Usually, in a round shape, they have good UV protection and coverage and are kept sturdy by a weighted base or mounted into a fixed base.


The other most common type of outdoor umbrella, offset has an arched pole and the canopy hangs almost independently of the pole. This gives you the ability to be mounted away from the table so there is no pole in the middle as it protects anyone underneath.

A lot of them can rotate to 360 degrees to you can block the sun no matter what position it is in. These are the more expensive options and they require a heavier base.

How To Take Care Of An Outdoor Umbrella

The easiest way to look after an outdoor umbrella is to store it in a cool dry place when you are not using it. When left to the elements it will soon fade and even the pole can deteriorate depending on what material to buy.

A wooden frame will need to be maintained and treated at different intervals and you might also consider cleaning the canopy. Usually, soapy water will suffice but this will depend on the fabric used so check with what the manufacturer recommends.

When opening it, don’t force it, use a gentle approach to protect the working parts from breaking and fold it down when you are not using it.

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