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Waterproof MP3 Player Guide

When you’re enjoying the best that the summer has to offer around the pool, a waterproof MP3 player is a must-have. To give your summer soundtrack the volume to bring it alive, only a quality product will do. There are loads of reputable brands making great products that have protection against the water with the sound quality to bring the songs to life.

This is only when you know what to expect from the better products. Some are just not ads reliable as they claim to be. With this in mind, we have created the following buyer’s guide. by the end of it, you’ll be picking up a product you can enjoy during a swim.

What To Look For In A Waterproof MP3 Player

Adequate Waterproofing

This sounds obvious given the name but some brands are better at protecting their products against the water than others. Some are better described as splash proof whereas others can be fully submerged and still perform to a high standard.

This can be the difference between a product you feel to use in the pool and a product that you get worried about when the kids are near. Look for IPX7 waterproofing as a minimum.

Sound Quality

You don’t want to buy a waterproof mp3 player that sounds like it is being played from the bottom of the pool. The sound quality is an essential part of how much you can enjoy a swim.

Even if you are taking it to the beach, it still needs to have crisp vocals, big bass, and enough volume to keep the other sounds out.

Stable Fit

The last thing you want is for the earbuds to come loose when you are mid swim and have to stop and adjust them mid-flow. If this keeps happening you aren’t going to get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

As long as the ear tips fit comfortably in your canal and feel secure, you can swim with your tunes in confidence. If they do tend to slip, you can always wear a swimming cap to keep them in place. This is a popular way of making sure they stay put which can be difficult when splashing against the water as your arms are splashing about. 

You also want a product that doesn’t allow water in when you are wearing them. This will disrupt the sound quality and make them uncomfortable to wear.


Although you might not be swimming for hours on end, it is good to have a good catalog of tunes to switch between, Most products give you the same capacity as a standard mp3 player so you won’t be missing out because of the waterproofing. 

Usually, you will get a GB or two which means hundreds of songs. Some also have different modes so you can select a whole album to swim lengths to or leave it up to shuffle to decide.


Because you expect these products to work for a long time, it can be annoying if they let you down within a year or two. This is why it is best to protect your purchase by finding one that comes with a warranty. A lot of the time, a year will suffice to make sure you don’t feel short-changed.

Easy To Use

Once you are up and swimming, these gadgets are generally pretty simple and easy to get on with but some brands make it easier to upload songs than others. A lot will let you drag your tunes onto the waterproof mp3 player using a laptop in a few simple steps.

Battery Life

A lot of brands won’t need a charge for many swims. It can be frustrating having to wait for your mp3 player to charge when you are ready to swim so make sure you buy a product with decent battery life. Most products have around 15 hours as a minimum which means you can go for plenty of trips to the pool between charges.

How Deep Can I Swim With A Waterproof MP3 Player?

If you are using a waterproof mp3 player in your pool at home, you shouldn’t worry too much about the depth as you will usually be fine. Otherwise, some products can go a couple of feet down whereas others can go 200 ft and more.

It depends on the brand as some pay more attention to sound quality and certain products are better all-rounders.

What Is The Best Headphone Type For Swimming?

This is the topic of some debate as comfort is different for everyone. One of the most common types of headphones is those with a headband. This keeps everything in place without wires hanging down which can come loose unless they are tucked in a swimming cap.

Otherwise, earbuds are fine and popular when they stay in place.

How Much Does Waterproof MP3 Player Cost?

You can grab a budget product for under $20 but these tend to be low in quality, especially when it comes to sound. For a more enjoyable experience, it is best to invest $50 and above which can get you a named brand an enhanced sound.

The waterproofing is usually decent across the board but if you want a reliable mp3 player you can use whilst swimming, it is best to spend a little more.

Can I Use Bluetooth Wireless Headphones In The Pool?

Whilst these products are often touted as being waterproof, this is usually for using whilst running. What they mean is that they are resistant to sweat so you can wear them whilst working out at the gym or when going for a run.

Most of the time, they are not submersible and unsuitable for swimming. Also, you are at the mercy of the signal so you can’t get too far before the song crackles then disappears.

It is best to stick to products that are tailor-made for use in the pool so you can make the most of them without having to worry if you are ruining the headphones.



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