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It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it can be almost impossible to stay on top of watering your garden. Not only does it need attention when you’re not even at home, but any type of neglect and your lawn can start to dry out, which is bad news for those plush greens. Some people call them smart sprinklers but whatever you want to label these products, anyone who has used one seems to be unable to live without them.

To help you get this purchase right, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In A Water Timer

Multiple Outlets

Connecting a sprinkler or hose to a timer is great as you can spray your lawn at different intervals, but being able to connect multiple sprinklers is even better.

This is why we recommend looking for a product that can accommodate more. The bigger your garden or lawn, the more important this will be. Some brands will even allow you to operate different sprinklers independently. 

Rain Delay

This isn’t the most common feature for a water timer, but it is a useful one. Basic products do not know when to stop but if the product has a rain delay system, you won’t waste water. 

Multiple Settings

With some brands, you can set the water timer to be different depending on the day and can adjust the frequency that it comes on. Being able to anticipate a particularly hot day and up the length of the release of water is going to help save your plants from dying.

LCD Screen

A lot of the ease of the product is going to come down to the LCD screen. This not only makes things simpler but it makes it easier to set the time. This is where you will need a reliable battery life to make sure it doesn’t switch off when you need it the most.

Smartphone Connectivity

The best of modern technology has made its way into a water timer. This is only with certain models but being able to control a sprinkler or hose no matter where you are is going to make life a lot easier. Sometimes, you can even connect it to Google Assistant or Alexa and control it with your voice.

Because of this, you can receive notifications for when the water has finished its cycle to help put your mind at rest.

Mounting System

Some controls can be mounted inside or outside. If it is the latter, it will need to come in a weather-resistant casing. This can make it easier to use if the sprinkler is at a distance. 

Manual Bypass

This is a useful feature as it means you can use the hose without interrupting the automatic settings. Otherwise, you might have to deprogram the water timer and reset it after.


Because we are talking about products that will need to be set up outside, it is not uncommon for accidents to happen. This is why you want to protect your purchase with a warranty. Not all water timers come with one but if you can find a product with a warranty for a year or two, it is always a sensible idea.

How Does A Water Timer Work?

As the name suggests, a water timer is a system that can set your hose or sprinkler to activate at a chosen time. This means that even if you go away for a holiday, your lawn and plant life will still get water.

Some can be plugged into your mains whilst others are battery operated. A timer system is activated once you have set up your schedule for your set-time throughout the week and turns off once the cycle is complete.

Do I Really Need A Water Timer?

This depends on your lifestyle. If you are home throughout the day, you might not need one so much. However, if you are home for work then if you want to keep your garden looking lush throughout the summer, you are going to have to water it manually.

For a lot of people, a water timer is a useful addition to their outdoor space as it takes the hassle out of remembering to give your plant life the water it needs to thrive.

They are also useful because when you are away, a water timer can act as a deterrent to a would-be thief who sees the sprinklers on throughout the week.

What To Consider When Buying A Water Timer

Local Law

To stay on the right side, make sure you know the ins and outs of the laws of watering your outdoor. area. Some states will not permit you to use water at certain times, particularly during a drought. 

The Weather

Keeping an eye on what the week has in store can be useful as you can save yourself from using water when you don’t need to. If you see that rain is expected, you can switch the timer off on that day. 

Does A Water Timer Save Money?

When used properly, a water timer can help to save money. on your water bills. When you don’t have to leave a sprinkler on when you go out, you can set them up to come on for the ideal time frame.

The best brands are those with multiple settings so you can ensure you aren’t using too much too often.

How Much Does A Water Timer Cost?

Various factors influence the price of a water timer. The number of outlets will be a significant one so only buy as many as you need. 

The good news is that you can pick up a decent water timer for around $25. This will not get you as many useful features but it will still ensure you get a product that works.

For a product that has all the latest features and settings, you might have to pay closer to $50 but since these products can help to save money on water bills, it doesn’t take long for them to pay for themselves.

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