Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

Variable Speed Pool Pump

We all dream of a low-maintenance pool and although you have to add the chemicals and give it a vacuum, a lot of the hard work of keeping a pool clean is done by the pool pump. Some products are more suitable for your pool than others but something that is always a good idea is finding the best variable speed pool pump.

They differ in what they can offer so to find the best product for your needs, we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you will be able to ensure your pool is clean, and your energy bills are lower.

What To Look For In A Variable Speed Pool Pump

Quiet Operation

Although they need to work hard to pump all that water around, no variable speed pool pump needs to interrupt your relax by the pool. Some brands promise whisper-quiet operation and these are the ones to go with if they meet your other requirements.

One of the main benefits of a variable speed pool pump is that some of the low settings are more subtle but you do have the high-speed in your back pocket should the pool water need them.

Right Pool Size

Some variable speed pool pumps are designed for use in smaller bodies of water whilst others with higher output are good for larger pools. Make sure you know how many gallons your pool accommodates so you can match it to the brand of variable speed pool pump that you have your eye on.

Built-In Timer

Being able to set the timer to work at certain times of day can ensure you always have crystal clear water. although you might want it to run throughout the night, you need adequate time between cycles so the pool is always as clean as possible.

It also means you can set certain speeds at different times of day which can also save you money on your energy bills.


This is what links from pool size suitability. The horsepower is what ensures it can push the right amount of water around to keep it clear and hygienic. A medium-sized pool will usually require around 1.5-2 HP.


Although you hope to not need one, a warranty helps to protect your purchase. Things can go wrong, even with the most reputable brands so look for a year or two coverage as a minimum.

Note that a lot of warranties are only valid should you get a professional to install the pool pump. When someone who knows what they are doing plugs it all in and set up the variable speed pool pump, things are less likely to go wrong.

Easy Installation

Although this is something you will probably want to consider using a professional for, easier installation can mean you can get it up and running faster. Having the right mains to match the requirements of the pool pump is important but it is also a quick fix.

Filter Flow Rate

Matching your pool pump to the flow rate of your filter is important for continuity. Most of the time you will find the maximum flow displayed when looking for a pool pump. If the pump has a maximum output that is double the filter then this is not going to be suitable and can end up damaging the filter. 


Not to be neglected, some brands are better when it comes to safety features than others. Generally, you’ll get a product that is protected against the hazards and fluctuations of the chemicals and voltage. 

Also, look for a product that has an auto shut off that includes when it can sense blockages.

What Are The Benefits Of A Variable Speed Pool Pump?

Although they can be fine for some pools, a single speed pool pump is too basic and can cost a lot more to run. Even the dual speed pool pumps are only good to an extent.

The main benefit is that they can be set to expend less energy so you save money on your bills. Also, with more settings, you can set the pump to work in a low setting which will mean it is quieter. They are also considered the most reliable of the different types of pool pumps available.

In some states, there are energy efficiency laws. This is where a variable speed pool pump is a good idea because it can keep you on the right side of the law.

Is A Variable Speed Pool Pump Worth It?

Although the initial outlay might be higher in some models, the savings more than make up for it before too long. The more efficient pool pumps can cost double but within a year or two, they pay for themselves.

They can work for longer periods without costing you more money which also means the water is cleaner for longer.

How Many Hours A Day Should I Use My Variable Speed Pool Pump?

If using the medium speed setting on a variable speed pool pump you should find yourself using it for 7-8 hours a day. This will keep your water clear and free from algae.

Sometimes there is a need to use it a little more, particularly in the summer months when you are using the pool more and there are more oils from the likes of sunscreen that need to be filtered out.

Is It OK To Run A Pool Pump 24/7?

There is no need to run a pool pump for this long. Around 8 hours a day is enough to keep the water in a top condition even in months where you use it more frequently. 

Using the pump for too long will be a waste of energy and your bills will soon show you why.

Are Variable Speed Pool Pumps Energy-Efficient?

Yes. Because they can vary their output, a variable speed pool pump can be used for longer periods and still save you money on energy bills compared to a single-speed unit.


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