Telescopic Pool Pole

Telescopic Pool Pole Guide

When it’s time to clean your pool, and you need to reach those difficult places, few products are as useful as a telescopic pole. The longer reach is essential to making sure your water is ads clean as possible so you can enjoy a hygienic and pleasant swim. 

Because maintaining your pool is a task that some people just want to get done with minimal fuss, these are important products. Still, there are some sub-par models out there that are tricky to use. With this in mind, we have created the following buyer’s guide. It is designed to help make this purchase an easy one.

What To Look For In A Telescopic Pool Pole?


Some telescopic pool poles are designed to be used with only their branded accessories. Others are compatible with a variety of types of heads so you can brush, scrub, vacuum, and scoop with a variety of other brands’ products.

This makes it easier if you already have a brush of net that has some life in it, and you need a new pole that will fit.

Rust Resistance

The telescopic pool pole of your choice is going to have some form of coating, but some are better and more hard-wearing than others. This is why you need to be sure that it is rust-resistant. Otherwise, you will find that it becomes useless pretty quickly.

To protect is from rusting, either way, store the pole in a storage cupboard or shed and away from the elements.


A lot of what makes a telescopic pool pole last a long time will be the materials. You will find all sorts being used and a common one is an anodized aluminum. This is a good choice since it is lightweight and durable so you won’t have a hard time using it.

There are plenty of other good options out there but this is one of the most common.

Large Extension

A telescopic pool pole will start small but it needs to be able to give you enough reach for the size of your pool. A common extension range is up to around 12, 16, and 18 feet which should give you plenty of range.

Anything much longer might be difficult to balance.

Sturdy Lock

Over time, some brands are not as effective when it comes to locking into place. This is frustrating as it means you cannot trust the pole to do its job.

To help you get the job done faster, look for a product that is known for having a sturdy, reliable lock st=system. That way, when you extending it and reaching further in, it won’t come loose.


Some poles have a comfortable handle that is padded to make reaching in and out of the pool more comfortable. Even a smooth pole is fine with the right thickness. 

You’re not going to be using the pole for long periods but it helps if you can vacuum or brush the pool in comfort.


Because it is going to have to wade through water and might have a heavy accessory on the end, the pole you choose must be strong. Usually, a pole will be made from heavy-duty aluminum or a similar material known for its durability and strength, but this is something to check before you buy.

It also needs to be strong when fully extended, especially if you are working with a large pool. the last thing you want is for it to break and you have to get into the pool to retrieve the broken parts on a cold day.

Why Do You Need a Telescopic Pool Pole?

Any dirt on the walls of your pool or floating debris needs to go somewhere. Unforntualty, they will not disappear with time so you need to intervene. 

This is where a telescopic pool pole is useful. the closer a floating leaf is to the middle, or the further down the deep end that dirt is, you need a pole that can be extended to reach those places.

These products can be fitted with a net, brush, rake, vacuum, skimmer, and other accessories. Your pool filter can only get rid of so much and the bigger items left behind are going to require human intervention.

Two-Piece Vs Three Piece Telescopic Pool Poles

This is one of the main considerations when looking for a pool pole and each one is better suited to different size pools. Both are good for medium-sized pools but because they extend even further, a three-piece pole is better for large pools.

Equally, if your pool is on the small side, a two-piece pole is more than sufficient.

How Much Does A Telescopic Pool Pole Cost?

These important pool tools are not as expensive as you might think. Although you can pay more for a higher-spec of material, some products cost as little as $30.

However, these might not be as durable and if you want a 3-piece pool pole with a longer extension range, you are likely going to need to pay more.

How Can I Make A Pool Pole More Durable?

Although most products are built to last, there are certain things you can do to ensure they work for a long time. Maitnanenace is easy but after using it you can dry it and store it inside a shed or pool cupboard. 

Be mindful of how much pressure you are putting on it. Even scooping out a wet towel can put a strain on a pool pole when fully extended. 

Try not to leave it in the sun as UV rays can cause it to degrade.

How Long Is A Telescopic Pool Pole?

There are plenty of size options when it comes to purchasing a pool pole. Most brands have all sorts of sizes available and some of the most common max lengths are 12 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft, and even 21 ft. 

This means no matter what sized pool you are cleaning, there is a telescopic pole available to make life easier.


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