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Swimming Goggles Guide

It doesn’t matter where you intend to go for a dip, swimming goggles can be a useful addition to your gym bag or to use at home. When made to a high standard they can give you adequate protection to enjoy swimming underwater and get a lot of lengths done. When they are not so good you’ll find yourself having to readjust them, demisting them, and sometimes just giving up on them altogether.

This is what it is important to know what to expect from the best swimming goggles. Because of this, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In Swimming Goggles


In a lot of ways, these are the most important element when buying quality swimming goggles. You can soon tell if a pair has been made with cheap materials when the clarity is not as good as it should be.

When you don’t have enough visibility this is when you need to switch products. Polycarbonate lenses are among the most popular and offer a blend of durability and clarity.

The style of the lens is another factor to consider as some are tailored towards certain swimming conditions.


One of the most irritating things about low-quality swimming goggles is when they cloud over on the inside. It is all down to the quality of the coating as the better products will provide a higher quality spec to ensure you can see with clarity. 

Some quick-fix solutions can help you get through a swim but they are not long term options so it is best to look for a product that has a quality coating.

Protection Against UV Rays

This is important for anyone who swims outside so whether it is in the sea or at the lido, you want to be able to get the lengths in without discomfort. Look for darker lenses that will give you extra protection but remember to find the right balance if you are only using them for indoor use.

If you’re squinting as you swim, it’s time to upgrade to a darker shade.


Pretty much every swimming goggle is going to be adjustable but some are more so than others. Even when you have the right fit, it needs to not dig in too much so that it causes discomfort.

Look for a swimming goggle that has a snug fit without pinching. When the pressure is distributed well then you won’t feel the lenses dig in around certain areas.

Different Types of Swimming Goggle Lenses


One of the most common swimming goggle lenses and available in different shades to suit different conditions. There has a mirrored tint to them making them good for competition.

Then tend to be on the darker side so this does make it difficult to swim if you do not get a lot of light in the place you are competing but are fine for recreational use in your outdoor pool, especially when the sun is blazing.


Similar to metallic lenses these have a decent amount of UV protection but are only good for conditions with plenty of light. Good for using outdoors.


These are better when you don’t get a lot of light or need maximum visibility. They do not give you the UV protection of other types so if you are swimming outdoors they might not be as suitable. 


These are one of the best types of swimming goggles because they work well in different lighting. They change depending on what the light is doing making them a good option for outdoor swimming.


Although these are less common, you can still grab a pair of prescription swimming goggles. If you wear contact lenses this is less of a necessity but for those who wear glasses, they can make a huge difference.

Expect to pay more, but the convenience is often worth it.

Why Should I Wear Swimming Goggles?

Anyone who swims frequently should wear swimming goggles to protect their eyes. Anyone pool is likely to have chlorine in the water which can damage your eyes and cause irritation. 

If you’ve ever got saltwater in your eyes from swimming in the sea then you’ll know exactly why it is beneficial to wear goggles. This means you won’t be stopping to run the water out and can enjoy your swim.

It is also good to be able to see what is underneath or around you with added clarity. 

Can You Get Prescription Swimming Goggles?

Yes, it is possible to buy prescription swimming goggles but they are among the most expensive types. If you wear contact lenses then it can be a good idea to stick to a regular pair if possible.

How Do You Stop Swimming Goggles From Fogging?

If you haven’t bought a quality pair of swimming goggles that have an anti-fog coating then this is going to be something that will keep irritating. 

There are some simple ways to prevent fogging, one of them being spraying the inside with a specialist anti-fog solution. The anti-fog coating can wear off, even with a decent pair of swimming goggles but you will have to spray them every time. 

How Long Do Swimming Goggles Last?

This depends on a lot of things, mostly how often you use them. Also, the type of water you are swimming in.

For the most part, frequent swimmers tend to have to buy two pairs a year but this can vary. A telltale sign is if they start to fog when they never used to or there are any signs of damage.

How Much Do Swimming Goggles Cost?

Although there are plenty of budget picks that are fine for the casual swimmer, if you want your swimming goggles to last, you are going to have to pay a little more.

A durable pair of swimming goggles that are anti-leaking and have quality lenses should cost anything around $20 and above. Anything below $10 is likely to be fine for occasional use.


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