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Although there are many ways to source your water, few are as easy to use as a submersible pump. Because of their position in the water, they are one of the quietest ways of bringing the water to you, but you still need to find the right product that fits your needs.

Because there is a lot to learn, we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you will end up with the right submersible pump.

What To Look For In A Submersible Pump

Quiet Operation

Although they are known for their subtlety, some are better at keeping the noise to a minimum than others. The words whisper-quiet operation is often thrown around a little too easily, but it is a good sign if you don’t want to be trying to relax with the loud hum of a pump nearby.

Cable Length

This is more important than you might realize. The further your water source is from a mains supply, the more important this is going to be, particularly with deep boreholes and wells where the cable might need to reach a little further. 

Multi Usage

Although you might need it to drain a well or pool of water now, there are other uses for a submersible pump if you can get a quality product. 

You might wish to drain well water or drain water from a flooded area but some are better all-round products than others.

Flow Rate

Because you have different uses in mind, the flow rate might be more important for your needs. Being able to pump several thousands of gallons an hour could be vital to its usability. 

Suction Pump

To get rid of air bubbles that can slow things down, purchase a submersible pump with a suction pump operation. This will ensure a constant flow with minimal disturbance from bubbles. This is also what will ensure that debris does not clog the device which can slow you down or even break some sub-par products.

Durable Materials

Because these are heavy-duty devices, don’t expect them to break any time soon if you have purchased a quality product. A good sign is in the materials used and the casing. The likes of cast iron and stainless steel are a good sign when it comes to housing.


They make it easy to move from place to place, a sturdy and comfortable handle is a must-have feature. The best products have a wide handle that makes it easy to carry these tufty units that art times can be on the heavy side. 

Auto Switch Off

When it comes to water and electrical goods, safety is always important. One such feature is an auto switch-off function that detects when water is low. This will protect the user from harm, and the device from overheating.

Multi Dishachrge

You are typically looking at a side discharge or top discharge submersible pump but some models offer you both. This makes it easier to dispose of water in different situations.

A top discharge system is good for tight spaces where buckets are involved and a side discharge system is good for flat spaces such as a basement or a roof.

Water Type

This is one of the primary considerations when looking for the best submersible pump for your needs. Rainwater or freshwater sources require the use of a product with a narrow granulometry of around 5mm because of the grain size.

Wastewater will require a submersible water pump with 5mm to 20 mm. Make sure the size of the grains can pass through so you get a product you can use.


Although not every product will come with a warranty, it can be a good idea to protect your purchase. Because no brand is completely immune to faulty parts, even in the most reputable models, a year or two’s coverage is a sensible idea if you can find it. 

This might not be a deal-breaker for some, but it can allow you to get used to the submersible pump with confidence.   

What Is A Submersible Pump?

With a variety of uses, a submersible pump can be used for commercial and home use. They are airtight and never require priming. Instead, you get a proven way of moving water from one place to another. 

Because the motor is hermetically sealed it is safe to use and can be submerged in the water that is intended to be pumped.

What Are Submersible Pumps Used For?

A body of water that you want moving can be moved easily with a submersible pump. They are often used to drain wells where the water needs to move vertically. Flood water and the likes can be cleared as long as the device can be submerged. 

Some people use them to drain ponds they no longer want and depending on the type of submersible pump you buy, they can also be used to clear sewers. Any standing water in your yard can attract bugs so they are often used to prevent the likes of mosquitos taking residence near a home.

In the oil industry, submersible pumps are commonly used for bringing oil up from the surface. 

How Much Do Submersible Pumps Cost?

These vary in price greatly depending on the spec you want but if you are looking for a basic model then you can pick one up for as little as $100 for a decent model.

For anyone looking for a heavy-duty product, capable of moving more gallons per hour you might need to part with triple that figure to get the product you need.

Can You Run A Submersible Pump Continuously?

As long as the water source is still constant then you can leave the submersible pump to do its job. When levels start to get low you might want to keep a closer eye on the water, unless you have a product that comes with a safety feature where it detects low levels. 

Usually, you will find the adequate water level specified by the manufacturer so you know if the product you have your eye on is appropriate.


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