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Although you may have dreamed about owning a swimming pool, the reality is that proper maintenance requires a certain level of diligence. When it comes to buying the best solar pool cover, there are plenty to choose from, and plenty to learn. Because they vary so much, it is a good idea to find out what the better products are capable of, and the differences between the good and the bad.

To help make this important purchase easier, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In A Solar Pool Cover


You may have purchased a unique octagon-shaped swimming pool, in which case an included pool cover may have been ideal. If you now want a solar pool cover then it can be a tricky find. 

Most of the time you will find that solar pool covers are sold in circular, rectangle, or oval shapes. If your pool is an uncommon shape then you might have to buy solar ring covers and scatter them over the surface or buy something that does not quite fit, and cut it to size.


This is where it can be a good idea to spend a little more. The thicker solar pool covers will mean a bigger investment. It also means they are better at trapping the heat the pool already has, and can absorb more from the sunlight. 

Because they weigh more, expect them to be more stable. This might make them a little more challenging to remove but they aren;t going to go anywhere if you get strong winds in your area.


Although you should expect to get around 5 years of use out of your solar pool cover, not everyone is so lucky. Even with proper maintenance, a sub-par product can mean you end up having to replace it sooner than you would like.

This is where a warranty can come in handy. To protect your purchase, look for a warranty for a couple of years or more.



Different Types of Solar Pool Covers

Although bubble covers are the most popular, there are different products to choose from. Here are some of the most common solar pool covers:

Solar Blanket

Sometimes known as a bubble cover, these blankets have a similar look to bubble wrap and they are more practical than they appear.

The bubbles keep the blanket afloat but they also work to ensure the heat stays in the pool, and that the water doesn’t evaporate as fast. You should be able to find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes and some are even customizable. 

Also, the thickness varies and although the thicker you go the heavier and bulkier the blanket will be, you will get better heat retention as a result. These are one of the easiest to manage and you can even cut them to size yourself if your pool is an awkward size or shape.

Solar Rings

These work in a similar way to the blanket designs but the shape is slightly different. These are pretty easy to use but the issue is that they do not give you as much coverage.

Because of this, heat can escape between the rings but they are easier to manage. Face the blue side down or flip them over to cool the pool a little.

Liquid Solar Cover

These are not as robust as other types and when in use they do not give you protection against debris. However, they are convenient to use, just pour it over the surface of your pool and watch as it creates a film.

They usually last around a month which means you will have to purchase a decent supply and remember to keep reapplying. 

What Is The Best Solar Pool Cover Color?

Although you might have the color you’d like in your mind already, there are certain benefits to the different color options. Here are the most common:


Blue lets in lots of sunlight which helps to bring the temperature of the water up whilst stopping the heat from escaping. It also stops UV rays from impacting the chemical balance of the water.


This doesn’t absorb heat in the same way as other colors do but it works by allowing more sunlight through to the water. The downside is that a clear solar pool cover doesn’t retain heat as well.


These are the best option for heat retention when the water is already hot but it absorbs the sun’s rays without passing on the benefits to what is underneath.

Do Solar Rings For Pools Really Work?

Although a certain amount of heat can escape through the gaps in between, solar rings are very effective at keeping the heat in a pool. It is important to ensure the air is evenly distributed once you have blown them up.

For best results, buy solar rings that have magnetic edges so they stay close to one another. 

What Is a Solar Pool Cover?

A solar pool cover is a sheet that goes over the surface of the pool to maintain the temperature. Certain shades and thicknesses are better for warming the water by absorbing sunlight.

With the use of bubbles, they usually require blowing up and can come in different shapes and sizes. With a layer of protection from debris, they are a great way of trapping the warmth, although they should not be used as a safety net when children are present.

How Effective Are Solar Pool Covers?

These covers are more effective when the sun is shining so if you are experiencing a bout of cloudy weather, don’t expect them to work so well.

They will still offer some sort of insulation for the water but won’t provide any further benefits unless the sun is out.

Are Solar Pool Covers Safe?

Although they are completely safe to use for the purpose they are intended for, they are not a safety net to help prevent accidents. Any pets and children should still be supervised around the pool.


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