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Robotic Pool Cleaners

Cleaning your pool can feel like a thankless task and although it only needs to be done once or twice a week, using a quality robotic pool cleaner can help take the strain out of owning a pool. Not only are they highly efficient but they can sot less to run and get the job done to a high standard.

This is only when you buy from a reputable brand. To help you find the right model for your pool, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In A Robotic Pool Cleaner


The bigger the pool it has the clean, the higher the capacity needs to be. Because bad weather can contribute to extra debris, you might consider buying a higher grade of robotic pool cleaner if you live in an area where this is an issue.

Cord Length

This is what can make or break the effectiveness of a robotic pool cleaner. Not everyone has their pool close to a power source and if this is the case, you might need to improvise with an extension cord. 


some products are made to be used in n above ground pool, others in-ground, and some are universal and fine for both. Before you purchase, you need to make sure it is capable of cleaning the type of pool you have.

Automatic Settings

Being able to select a certain cycle at the click of a button makes these products even more convenient. A lot of the time you can schedule a full clean, or a quick sweep of the bottom if you want to use the pool that day. 

Some models are simpler but can be programmed to run once a week.

Swivel Cord

One of the simplest yet most important features of a robotic pool cleaner. This is what will prevent the device from getting caught and even lifted from the bottom, unable to do its job.

A swivel cord prevents it from tangling which also lessens wear and tear on the cord itself.

Benefits of Using A Robotic Pool Cleaner

No Cables

This is one of the main reasons a lot of people choose a robotic pool cleaner. They don’t require a big hose pipe to clean your pool. The electric cable is a lot more convenient, lighter, and thinner and doesn’t get in the way.

This doesn’t mean these cables are immune to tangling. If they do, the device might be lifted from the bottom which makes it ineffective. However, most robotic pool cleaners are made with a swivel that attaches to the cord so it doesn’t tangle and works at all angles.

All Round Clean

Unlike the other types of pool cleaner, a robotic product can lift debris on the sides and in the corners. There are even models that can climb the walls to give the entire pool a thorough clean. 

Another type of robotic pool cleaner is a scrubber. This sweeps the surface to collect debris and insects. Although it doesn’t clean the bottom or the walls, it is a useful gadget to have in addition to a pool cleaner.

No Hard Graft

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of buying a robotic pool cleaner is the lack of work on your side. This is particularly beneficial for anyone who feels the strain of leaning over their pool and pushing a vacuum up and down.

Energy Efficient

A lot of people who have never used a robotic cleaner before have a misconception that they cost more to run. The opposite is actually true as they are low voltage, they cost about the same as a light bulb.

Because of this, expect your energy bills to be lower than using the manual types of pool cleaners.

Saves Time

Because you don’t need to do anything, you can save yourself ten minutes and go get yourself your morning coffee whilst the robotic pool cleaner does all the hard work for you.

Kinder On The Ball

Timeout having to backwash or use the filter, a robotic pool cleaner puts less stress on the pool itself. Also when using a regular vacuum, these can clog up which in turn will impact the performance of the pool. 

How Much Does A Robotic Pool Cleaner Cost?

This is where they are less desirable for some people. A robotic pool cleaner does cost more than the regular options but on the positive side, they cost less to run. This means that over time, you will save money.

Don’t expect to find many quality products under $500. There are some, but they are harder to find. It is worth investing in a high-end product as the results are going to be a lot better.

Anything around $700 and above will get you the best robotic pool cleaner.

Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Worth It?

In a way, it is all about how much you value your time. Because they are cheaper to run, you get your initial investment back after a while. So, once you have bought one, the main benefit is that you save time on what most people consider to be a chore.

They don’t cause as much strain on your pool because they do not need to be connected to it. Also, they are very effective at cleaning the walls of the pool if you buy a climbing robotic cleaner.

How Often Should I Use My Robotic Pool Cleaner?

In the warm months where you use your pool a lot, it can be a good idea to use the robotic pool cleaner every other day. There is nothing wrong with using it even more but it is not as necessary.

Otherwise, at a minimum, it should be used once a week. When debris starts to decay it can stain the pool, not to mention the chemicals can do the same.

It is a good idea to use the device after any adverse weather as this is where debris can build up.

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