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Pool Safety Fence Guide

As much as we all enjoy the look of a pool on its own, when it comes to the safety of a family, there is no better way of safeguarding the water than a pool safety fence. There are plenty of products to choose from and whilst most of them do a good job, it is always. sensible to do a little research.

You can’t put a price on the safety of a child around water. This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide, to help you get this purchase right.

What To Look For In A Pool Safety Fence


Once installed, how strong is the pool safety fence? This is something you will want to find out before you receive the parts. The better products are known for their ability to withstand more than a bit of a push.

This is why is important to not make a purchase based on appearance as a lot of the time, this can be in place of durability. 


To keep out kids of all ages, it is best to get a tall pool safety fence. These are the best way of ensuring a child cannot use another item for leverage such as a nearby chair. This is less important with younger children but don’t forget, they won’t stay that small forever!

Sturdy Gate

A reliable gate should come with a safety mechanism that means it won’t swing open when you don’t want it to, and it isn’t easy for a child to unlock. Much like a stair gate in your house, there are different gates available. Some have a simple lock, others child-proof locks and some require a code to unlock.

Durable Materials

You need reliable materials to safeguard your pool. The studier reliable types tend to be made from metal. These might be a little more challenging to install but the benefit is in the safety as they won’t budge.

It also means the pool safety fence is going to last a long time.

UV Resistance

Because they are designed for outside use, most pool safety fences come with a decent standard of UV resistance. To ensure it does not start to fade and to protect the quality of the fence, make sure it has a bit of resistance to the sun.


The more you spend on a pool safety fence, the more you are going to want a warranty. Most reputable brands include at least a year or two that can protect your purchase. 

Hopefully, you won’t need it but even when purchasing the best models you can end up with a faulty product sometimes. 

Can A Pool Safety Fence Be Installed In Soft Ground?

If you have a surrounding area of grass or dirt then there are products you can buy. With a handful of pool safety fences being made with spikes, it is possible to add a layer of protection to your pool.

However, you need to make sure they have long spikes so they stay in place and can withstand adverse weather as well as a bit of force from a child pushing against it.

Can A Pool Safety Fence Be Removed?

This depends on the product you buy. There are temporary pool fences that can be installed then removed depending on how much you need it. This is convenient for adults who do not have children in the house but have guests bringing young ones over. 

How Long Does A Pool Fence Last?

Some permanent options should last for decades if you maintain them to a decent standard. The better the materials, the more use you are going to get out of it.

Every brand is different and if you buy a bargain pool fence, there is no telling when it might break.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pool Safety Fence?

Although certain states and countries make it a requirement by law that anyone who owns a pool must install a fence, they are a great safety feature either way.

A pool safety fence will provide another layer of protection that keeps young ones out. Since drowning is a leading cause of death for young children around the world, there is definitely a case for buying one for your pool.

The better brands make it near impossible for a child to get to the water and when combined with a pool alarm, they can help parents to rest a little easier.

However, a pool safety fence is not a foolproof way of protecting a child so never rely on one and always keep your children in your sight when outside if you have a pool.

Do I Need To Drill Holes To Install A Pool Safety Fence?

For most products, drilling is part of the installation process. It is one of the best ways of making sure it stays in place and products that need to be drilled tend to be safer. This does mean you are purchasing a permanent structure but they are usually easy to install and last a long time.

Different Types of Pool Safety Fences


One of the most affordable options, a mesh fence is also easy to install and lightweight. You get decent visibility through the meshing although they aren’t as strong as other products.


With a bit of weight behind it, these fences are strong, durable, and last a long time. They also have decent water resistance with the right coating, making them well suited to using outdoors. 

Wrought Iron

Expect to have to pay more for these strong pool safety fences but you’ll be getting a product that looks great and is one of the safer options. You’ll have to keep up with a bit of maintenance to preserve them but they are a good option if you have the budget.


These can be pretty affordable and look good although again, there is a level of upkeep with a wooden pool safety fence. However, they look good and provide a natural ambiance whilst working well. 


These are prone to stains, even the rain can cause them to look a little worn. However, they are generally pretty sturdy but can be on the expensive side. 

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