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Pool Pump Timer Guide

Although some products come with one built-in, if not, you’re going to want a quality pool pump timer. Being able to set the period they are activated for will not only save you money on your energy bills, but it will ensure your pool looks its best all day long. However, some products are a better fit than others and there are definitely some you should avoid.

To make this purchase simple, we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll have a pool pump timer that makes owning a pool a lot easier.

What To Look For In A Pool Pump Timer

LCD Display

It’s the simple things that go a long way when it comes to a pool timer. The easier it is to understand the display, the faster you can get to grips with the multiple settings. 

Because you will want to set the timer for various cycles throughout the day, the last thing you want is too many buttons and an awkward display.

Temperature Protection

Extreme temperatures can play havoc with low-quality pool pump timers. The best are capable of working even under harsh conditions so when the weather is seriously hot or absolutely freezing, your pool water is still clear.

Multiple Modes

You need to be able to program different settings at different times. You might want a thorough filtration in the morning and then low settings throughout the day or vice versa. the best pool pump timers make it possible to fully customize your settings.

Load Capacity

You might need to set up multiple pool pumps and can do so with some pool pump timers. These make it possible to change the settings for each one so they can get the filtration their size requires. 

It is usually via a digital control system that can be set up for independent circuits.


This is a primary concern for most people as the combination of water and electricity does not mix well. A durable casing is important, as is an automatic switch-off should any moisture get in.

Everything needs to be safe, including the connection point that should have a protective cover.

Current Rating

This needs to be higher than the pool pumps current rating to make sure there are no faults that can damage the system.  If you upgrade your pool in size, then the pool pump timer is more likely to still be suitable should you wish to use it.


As with any piece of equipment for your pool, it is always a good idea to look for one that comes with a warranty. although it isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, it can protect your purchase. Just be mindful that some manufacturers will not honor the terms of a warranty if you install a product yourself.

What Is An Automatic Pool Pump Timer?

These useful devices stop us from using our pool pump for too long, saving us money on energy bills. It also ensures that the pool is clean as the timer can be set to come on intermittently. 

You can run it on a lower setting for some of the day, then a bit higher later on if you have a variable speed pool pump. The water needs to pass through the filter to ensure it is clean and a pool pump timer can tell it when to do so.

Do I Need A Pool Pump Timer?

Consider this, if you’ve been setting a timer to activate the pool pump, then you are always at the mercy fo your pool. If you want to go out, you have to make sure it runs for ages when you get back so it gets the full eight hours or so it needs for clean filtered water.

The alternative is the easiest possible way of cleaning your pool water and getting rid of algae.  turning the filter system on and off manually can end up damaging it which is completely unnecessary when you can use a pool pump timer.

Can A Pool Timer Save You Money?

Yes. Even the budget-friendly options will be able to save you money. This is best when paired with a variable speed pool pump but even on the single-speed units, having a timer can save you loads on your energy bills.

Being able to tailor the time you want the pump to run as well as the duration will go a long way towards cutting back on energy consumption. This is also great for the environment as you are not using energy unnecessarily. 

Do You Need To Reprogram A Pool Pump Timer If It Goes Off?

This is where you need to invest in one of the best pool pump timers and not try and save a few dollars. The better options will save the settings should the power switch off. 

This can save you time on trying to reprogram the device all over again, especially beneficial if you have the settings just right. With some models, this isn’t a possibility so it is a good idea to write the settings down somewhere so you remember just in case.

Is It Easy To Install A Pool Pump Timer?

This depends on the product. Some are easily installed without any prior know-how whilst others might be best left to a professional. Sometimes you can void the warranty of a product if you install it yourself so it is best to check this before you make a decision.

Some are pretty much as simple as plugging them in and set the times yourself whilst others might take longer but can still be installed yourself.

Analog Vs Digital Pool Pump Timer

One of the main decisions you will find yourself making it the type of pool pump timer you wish to use. 

An analog pool timer is easy to switch on and off and can even be the simplest type. However, a digital product can be easiest to understand and program initially although you do need to make sure you purchase a product that does not need to be reprogrammed should it switch off.


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