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One of the best parts about owning your own pool is being able to enjoy it at night. Having a leisurely dip or having a full-blown party can be made more special and fun when you buy quality pool lights. With so many to choose from and tonnes of options of more than just color, it is difficult to find a reliable product that will last.

To make sure those summer nights are memorable for the right reasons, we have created the following pool lights guide.

What To Look For In Pool Lights


Above all else, you need to be sure the product you buy has a reputation for safety. Reliability is one thing as you need a constant light source around the pool to stay safe, but you also need to know that if the bulb does blow for any reason, it won’t cause a hazard.

When it comes to the likes of LED lights, they generally come with additional safety features.

Easy Installation

The type of pool lights you buy will determine how easy they are to install and as with any permanent lighting you are going to have to hook them up to a power source.

This will naturally be more challenging than those that are either ball lights or other options that might run on batteries which require little to no installing.

Bulb Lifespan

Most pool lights come with bulbs that last a long time as durability is key around water. Look for something that has an LED bulb as these are the most efficient. The lifespan of these bulbs runs into the 10,000’s in terms of hours.

There are other options such as incandescent lights which will still last a long time, just not anywhere near as long as LED. The longer, the better because there is next to no maintenance involved.


Some energy-efficient bulbs are not able to offer enough illumination compared to others which is why you need to be careful when it comes to your safety around the pool.

If you want to illuminate the entire pool area then you need permanent pool lights that are plugged into your mains. For this, consider a product that is installed directly into the pool.

Otherwise, some good options can illuminate the top of the pool by floating called ball bulbs. 

Color Options

If you want to inject a bit of fun into a party then you can buy pool lights with bulbs that change color. This can create a pleasant glow in the water and the surrounding area. 

Some even have different settings to change between the colors faster with different modes to try.


Because a large pool has a bigger area to cover, you need to be sure that if you are looking for floating pool lights, you get enough of them and if you are buying a flush-mounted pool light, it has the power to illuminate the entire pool.

Benefits of Pool Lights

Not only is there a level of fun that can come with owning quality pool lights, but it makes the surrounding area a lot safer. Illumination is the key to being a responsible pool owner. Someone is less likely to fall in if they can see where they are stepping and if a child falls in, you are more likely to spot them with adequate lighting.

Another benefit is the appearance of your pool area. Whether you are entertaining or not, it is going to enhance the area and make it one you always enjoy spending time in.

Pool lights can help to set the mood and give a certain ambiance to an evening.

Different Types of Pool Lights


One of the most common types of pool lights, LED bulbs tend to last the longest and are among the cheaper options. In terms of brightness, they are some of the brightest and there are plenty of options out there with different styles and color options.


Arguably the brightest option to give you the most visibility these traditional bulbs are good for permanent fixtures. They aren’t as long-lasting but most products are pretty affordable.

Fiber Optic

These might cost you more but in terms of performance, they are up there with LED lights. Some of the brightest pool lights are fiber optic although they are not as long-lasting or energy efficient.

Underwater Vs Outer Pool Lights

Depending on the type of mood you want to set, but can offer their benefits. if you have an above ground pool, the underwater variety might not be as useful as connecting them could be challenging.

A universal option that can work with any pool is the floating ball lights. These require virtually zero maintenance, are cheap to run, and can offer a good amount of light when you purchase a quality product. 

A flush-mounted pool light needs to be installed inside the pool but once it is up and running it does give an excellent glow to the entire pool. A lot will depend on your budget as well as permanent pool lights are generally more expensive.

Fiber Optic Vs LED Pool Lights

Although fiber optic lights are not as common, they are still available for a reason. Sure, LED pool lights are the most popular going but a fiber optic doesn’t use up a lot of energy and remains cool when illuminated. 

LED lights are cheaper to run and both offer a good amount of brightness. LED lights also last longer with most people getting between 12 – 20 years out of a single bulb. 

Are Pool Lights Easy To Install?

This depends on the type you are looking for. Floating pool light is pretty much good to go so you only need to place them in the pool for them to work. On the other hand, permanent pool lights are a different story.

Because they need to be hooked up to the mains, it is best to hire an electrician to do it for you. 

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