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Even the useful parts of your pool need accessories to help them work and to get the most protection for the water, it is a good idea to invest in a quality pool cover pump. Even when you’re not using the pool it still requires a fair bit of maintenance but if you buy quality products, it does make the process a lot easier.

When water accumulates on the cover, these products make light work of any excess, but only if you know what to look for in the better models. This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Consider When Buying A Pool Cover Pump

Power Cord Length

This is more important if your pool is at the other end of your backyard and you don’t have a power socket nearby. It makes it easier if your pool is closer to the house but if not, make sure you get a product that can reach the pool cover. 


Because your pool cover might not be as sturdy as you might like, you need to match the pool cover pump accordingly. A small pool might not have such a durable cover and in this case, the size and weight of the pump you place on top are going to be a crucial factor. 


As you might expect, different brands are faster at clearing more water in a short time than others. Although you might not be in a rush to clear the water off your cover, removing it quickly will prolong the lifespan of the cover. 

Some people let the water build-up before clearing it and if this is you then you might want something with a pump rate that works a little faster.

Energy Efficient

You don’t want to be racking up the bills because you are removing water from your pool cover. The best pool cover pumps are energy efficient and don’t make much of a dent in your monthly outgoings. This is even more important when the pool itself costs a fair bit to run.

Anti-Freeze Technology

Because they are usually put to work in adverse weather conditions, you want it to be able to weather the storm. A lot of pool cover pumps are fine to leave on the cover and work automatically. When this is the case, you want it to be able to 


As much as you might believe in the quality of certain brands, there is always a chance that you might get a faulty product or one that becomes so over time. This is fine if you have managed to get tens of years out of it, but what if something happens in the first year or two of use?

If you have a decent warranty, your purchase is protected, and the more you spend, the more important this will be.

Why Do You Need A Pool Cover Pump?

In the colder months when you’re not using your pool for a while, the cover will be an ever-present feature yet it needs some maintenance. The build-up of snow or rain can cause it to dip in the middle. This can lead to it losing its shape and sometimes will make it unusable.

This is where the best pool cover pumps come in. They can reach those difficult areas if you are used to removing the water manually and when used regularly, they can prolong the lifespan of the cover so you won’t need to find a replacement as soon.

Some pool covers have the odd corner where rain can seep through so to stop it from collecting and falling in, a lot of people use a pool cover pump.

How Much Does A Pool Cover Pump Cost?

Although there are plenty of options and you can pick up a pump for around $40, it isn’t always such a good idea. If your budget is restrictive then it is better to own one than to not but if you can spend a little more than anything of $150 and above is going to be efficient, durable, and will work faster than other products.

Manual Pool Cover Pump Vs Automatic

Although they do a job, a manual pool cover pump is not as convenient as the automatic types. They require you to put in all the hard work, pulling the lever back and forth until the water is clear. 

You might be less likely to venture outside in the colder months if you have to make too much of an effort. This is where the automatic pool cover pumps are so convenient. A lot of them can be left to work their magic and have an automatic switch-off feature when the water has gone.

You just leave it on the center of the cover and it will know when the water builds up to the level that it needs to be removed. 

Should I Pump Water Off Pool Cover?

As soon as any water starts to build, it is a good idea to remove it. The more it accumulates, the worse it can get for the pool cover. If overnight it has iced over, you need to wait for it to melt before you can do anything unless you want to risk damaging the cover by breaking it with force. 

How Do I Get Water Off The Top Of My Pool Cover?

Although you could do it manually, pushing it off with a broom, this is probably only going to get you so far. It is going to be more difficult the bigger the pool and size of the cover. 

However, a pool cover pump can make light work of days of rain that has built up on the cover. No matter where it is standing on the cover, these devices pump the water from the center so your cover does not get weighed down and damaged. 

This method is far more efficient and effective compared to other methods, not to mention easier.



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