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When it comes to owning a swimming pool, not everyone is prepared for the maintenance. Beyond the vacuuming and making sure the pumps and filters are in good working order, you also need to use the best pool chemicals. This can be tricky as you need to get it right to ensure the water is clean and hygienic, but also not overflowing with chlorine.

To help make this purchase easier, we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what you need to keep your pool looking its best.

What To Look For In Pool Chemicals

Easy To Use

Some pool chemicals come with exact measurements ready for you to tip into your pool whilst others are in tablet form. These are particularly easy when you know how many you need, there is no. measuring at all.

Whatever brand you go for, make sure the instructions are simple so you don’t overdo things.

Long-Lasting Effect

You don’t want to be playing around with pool chemicals every other day so look for a product that works but also lasts. Most products are fine to use weekly although in peak summer when more UV rays are causing the chemicals to evaporate, you might need to apply more frequently.


Because different products are made for different results, it is important to know which is best for your need. Some pool shocks contain potassium peroxymonosulfate, an oxidizing agent to treat the water whilst others use chlorine and other chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate that helps to raise them up the alkalinity.

Sodium bisulfate is used to lower the pH and alkalinity should it creep into the high side.


There is often a good deal to be found int he larger containers. Whether you are purchasing a powder or a tablet, it is good to have an ample supply. It’s not always easy to find the brand you want so to stop yourself from having to go searching for it, and to enjoy the benefits of added value, it can be good to purchase a larger container.

Shelf Life

As with all products in this niche, pool chemicals have a certain shelf life. When they go beyond the recommended usage date, they will not be as effective. Make sure you know how long you have from a brand so you don’t end up wasting product.

Most pool chemical products tend to last up to around 5 years.


Certain companies are known for making. quality products and there are certainly some brands to avoid. A good way of telling which is going to be worth using as by checking reviews and recommended products such as the ones above.

Why Use Pool Chemicals?

An essential part of pool ownership, pool chemicals serve different purposes. Some are designed to shock the pool after long periods of not being used. This is when the water needs a more intense clean so only certain products will suffice.

Then, there are products that are for continual use. When you use pool chemicals throughout the year, it will stop you from having to use a pool shock and they should be used even in the colder months when you’re not using the pool.

The pH levels need to be optimal of you will be faced with cloudy water. This can ensure the water is safe and does not irritate the skin.

Whatever type you need, they are all designed to rid the pool of algae. Even when you can’t see it, algae can start to build subtly until it spreads rapidly.

Different Types of Pool Chemicals


If you haven’t cleaned your pool regularly or covered it in the cold season, t is a good idea to use one of these to get the water in better condition beofre you consider using it again.

pH Balance

These are either going to increase or decrease the pH level depending on what product you buy. These are useful when you need to get the right balance and improve the clarity of the water. 

It is good to have these to hand as your pH levels are going to fluctuate throughout the year.

Stain and Scale Prevention

As the name suggests, these are good for removing stubborn stains. If you have cleared the likes of black algae, you may be left with some remnants that need to be removed. 

Cyanuric Acid

Working as a stabilizer, these help to improve the effectiveness of the chlorine in the water and ensure the water stays cleaner for longer.

Chlorine Tablets

A popular pool chemical, these are used to maintain the hygiene of the water throughout the year. When used consistently, there is less need to use a pool shock as it kills bacteria.


These are self-explanatory. When the water is cloudy, these products help to maintain the right chemical balance required for clear water.


It is easy to spot build up algae and although the wsater might show small signs of it that can be removed with other chemicals, there often comes a time when only an algaecide will do. Because there are different colors and types of algae, these products differ. 

How To Maintain A Pool

A pool chemical mix is one part of keeping the water clean and safe. Without the other key things to remember, you will struggle to get clarity even when using a pool chemical product.

To ensure your water is in the best possible condition, make sure the pumps are running for at least 8 hours a day. Also, it can be a good idea to rinse out any filters and replace broken parts before the signs of neglect start to show.

Regularly vacuum and use a net to get rid of any larger pieces of debris. Algae love to cling onto sticks and leaves so the sooner you remove them, the better.

Every now and then, check that all the parts of your pool are working, from the jets to the filter system.

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