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Pool Basketball Hoop

There is nothing better than enjoying your pool on a summer day and adding some pool toys such as a pool basketball hoop can make them even more fun. Something the family can enjoy, a pool basketball hoop is only as good as the build quality. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to tell which are going to last a few summers and those that won’t even get through one season.

There are different types to consider and because it can be difficult to find a decent product, we have created the following buyer’s guide. 

What To Look For In A Pool Basketball Hoop

Adjustable Height

Because you never know who is coming over to enjoy the pool, a pool basketball hoop should have an adjustable height. This means the kids can get the most out of it when they want to have some fun, and the adults can also make it more challenging.

As long as it is tall enough for it to be worth using, you should get lots of fun out of aiming whilst in the water.

Sturdy Bottom

This is not so applicable to the buoyant types that float in the pool but because you are going to be throwing against the backboard at times, you need to be sure it isn’t going to tip every time you hit it with the ball. 

A sturdy pool basketball hoop usually has a fillable base where you can add either sand or water and as long as it has a big enough capacity, you should be able to make sure it doesn’t tip when you’re having fun.

Durable Pole

The pole of the unit needs to either be made from powder-coated metal or have a thick enough design so it doesn’t bend within a summer. Like we mentioned if it is adjustable then even better.

Decent Sized Rim

It’s not easy playing basketball in the water but because you want to get a lot of enjoyment out of the hoop, it needs to be easy enough to get the ball through. Not every product is game regulation size and it should also have a special coating on it.

This is to protect it from rusting. We’re not saying it’s going to fall into the pool every time you use it but remember that the ball is going to be wet so it needs to offer some form of resistance. 

Easy Assembly

A lot of products are easy to put together. without the use of any special tools but the higher the quality of pool basketball hoop you buy, the more time it will take to assemble. This is because the added features and build quality means there are more. parts to put together.

Still, it shouldn’t take long, even for those with limited or zero skills when it comes to DIY. 

Included Ball

This is not a deal-breaker and to be honest, a lot of the time the ball that is included in a pool basketball hoop isn’t always so high in quality.

Any foam ball that is included can provide a hazard around young children should it start to come apart. Because of this, it might be worth investing in a better pool basketball to get the most out of the hoop but this isn’t always necessary.


As with any item you buy or play with when in and around water, safety is paramount. With a pool basketball hoop, look at the recommended age for playing with it as it is usually around 8 and above.

Also, it is a good idea to brush up on the safety requirements that the manufacturer lays out before you play with the hoop.

Adjustable Pool Basketball Hoop Vs Non-Adjustable

A lot of your decision will come down to the type of pool basketball hoop and although. a lot of them are similar, being adjustable or not is one of the main differences.

If you have kids then this is going to be important unless you want a low, standalone unit that leans over the pool slightly. To make it possible for anyone to enjoy the fun, and the adjustable product is usually the best option.

Floating Basketball Hoop Vs Adjustable

Again, you might have kids who want to enjoy the fun and if they are particularly young, then a floating hoop is a lot of fun. Not only are they easy to use but they are more affordable. Because they are easy to reach, kids of all ages can use them.

However, they won’t be as challenging for older kids and once they grow out of it you might end up looking for an adjustable hoop anyway.

How Much Does A Pool Basketball Hoop Cost?

This depends on the spec of the product but if you want a durable hoop made of quality materials, adjustable height, and a large backboard then you might consider investing around $150 and above.

There are plenty of products available for much less but you don’t get the build quality and might have to sacrifice on some features.

The floating products are a lot cheaper and easier to set up but. like we mentioned before, they are less fun for older kids and adults.

Is It Better To Fill A Pool Basketball Hoop With Sand or Water?

Although both are useful and fine to use for filling your base, a lot of people find sand to be a bit tricker. Not only is it harder to fill and remove from the base but it doesn’t make it more difficult to move from place to place.

Sand is also more expensive but on the plus side, it will not evaporate like water will. If using water, you will need to keep an eye on the level as in the summer months it will start to decrease. 

Naturally, water is easier to obtain so it will often be the most convenient option, it just requires a little maintenance.


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