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As with any time you are sat around water, safety is key. This is why it is so important to find the best pool alarm for your home. Without one, you run the risk of a serious incident involving kids and pets. Before you buy what you think is the right product for your needs, it is a good idea to do your research.

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you will know exactly how to find a quality pool alarm for you and your family.

What To Look For In A Pool Alarm

Sensitive Sensor

A floating sensor is one way of securing your pool and making sure you know exactly what is in the water at all times. The problem is, some brands are not as sensitive as others. You. need to know when an object is in your pool so you can be altered and get there in good time.

Look for a brand that specifies that they have a sensitive sensor that detects small items in the pool.

Compatible App

One of the best ways of being alerted to something entering the water in your pool is via an alarm on your phone. Because of modern technology, there are plenty of products that will alert you via your phone. Since most of us are never too far from our mobiles, this can be a useful approach to pool safety.

Plenty of Range

The frequency of the alarm needs to have a good enough range to ensure you are withing reach and know when there is something in the water that shouldn’t be. Some people have their pools a little further away so if this is the case for you, this sort of trait is important.

Automatic Reactivation

The alarm may have sounded and hopefully, it will have been a false alarm. Still, you need to know that the pool alarm will still work. A lot of products have an automatic reset feature. These usually reactivate within a few minutes to secure your pool all over again.

Low Battery Indicator

You need to know when the batteries are getting low or you could be waiting on a product that isn’t good to go. Most products will let you know when the sensor’s battery doesn;lt have a lot of life left so you can make adjustments and replace them.

Loud Alarm

Along with reliability, the alarm needs to be seriously loud. It doesn’t matter what the neighbors think when a child’s safety is at risk so make sure the product you are looking at has the decibels to keep your pool safe.  

Sensor Reach

If the sensor does not have sufficient reach for your pool, it is always best to purchase more than one. This way, you have more of a chance of detecting anything that enters the water. 

The bigger your pool, the more important this becomes.

Easy Installation

We all want our pool alarm to be ready from the moment we unpack it but there is always a bit of installation involved. The easier this is, the faster you can secure your pool and most products are relatively easy to get up and running.

Smart Deactivation

To prevent your child from turning off the alarm, some products have a smart deactivation feature. This can mean it requires a magnet to turn the device off, or a code to be input before it can be switched off.

Different Types of Pool Alarms

Each of the following has been proven effective at alerting the owner to their pool should an object enter the water.

Surface Detection

These operate with a sensor above the surface, usually on the edge of the pool. The sensor goes from the side of the pool, to below the surface or floating on top before sounding the alarm.

Sub Surface Detection

These go just below the surface as the name suggests and when the water pressure changes, it sounds the alarm.


This type of pool alarm usually comes with a wrist band that a child wears. When the wrist band goes below the water, the alarm is sounded.

Pool Gate

This is a popular type of pool alarm, particularly when there are younger children around. As the name suggests, the alarm is sounded when the pool gate is open.

Where To Place A Pool Alarm

A lot will depend on the type of alarm you purchase as some are designed to go in certain areas in and around the pool. This can be crucial to the effectiveness so you need to get it right. Some are designed to float in the pool, in which case, the best spot is generally the center.

Some models are supposed to be installed around the edge of the pool. This is where it’s a good idea to check what the manufacturer suggests for installation. Some might be better placed near the entrance where a child is used to getting in, whilst others might work better when somewhere near the middle for better coverage.

Do Pool Alarms Work?

In short, yes. However, some brands are known for working better than others. It is best to consider a pool alarm as another safety measure to protect young ones and pets,  but not a product you should rely on.

There is no replacement for being close to your kids and as with any product in the niche, they are not foolproof. 

What Are The Laws Around Pool Alarms?

This will differ depending on where you live. Some places are stricter and a pool alarm can be mandatory. When this is the case, there can be additional regulations to adhere to so it is best to keep tabs on the latest laws in your area.

Either way, a pool alarm makes a great addition to safeguarding your pool. Not enough people own them and they can help to prevent some serious incidents and tragedies from happening. 

Like we said, never rely on any product to protect your family, but a pool alarm can certainly help.

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