Best Paint For Concrete Pool Deck

Paint For Concrete Pool Deck Guide

It’s not just the pool water that needs to be looked after, if you want the area to be in the top condition, only the best paint for concrete pool deck will do. A pool deck is almost a feature of your outside area and when it looks its best, the pool looks that bit more inviting. Those long summer days by the pool are more enjoyable when you give the deck a spruce.

There are some things to remember before you purchase as some products are more suitable than others. To make this decision easy, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In Paint For Concrete Pool Deck

Weather Proof

Although you want the area to look great, it also needs to serve another purpose. To make sure it lasts a long time, you need to find paint for your concrete pool deck that is resistant to UV, chlorine, rain, and anything else the world throws its way.

This will ensure the color remains vibrant for longer.

Fast Drying

No one wants to wait weeks for the paint to dry, only so a product that is fast drying is important. Some only take a matter of hours before they are fine to be walked on whilst others might be closer to a few days.

This is especially the case when you need to apply another coat as this will extend the time you need to stay away from the pool.


Certain types of paint for concrete pool decks spread further than others. This means you don’t need to buy so much of it and can save money. However, the larger the area you are painting, the more you will need so make sure you have enough before you start or you will be waiting for longer for it to be finished and ready.


Some people have a concrete and wooden pool decking area. If this is the case, you can save money by purchasing a product that is fine to use on both. This not only gives you a consistent look but makes the. job easier and faster.

Long-Lasting Color

Depending on what brand you use, some products are more resistant to fading than others. Make sure the product you are considering is going to look its best for longer but getting UV resistance so the sun doesn’t cause it to. look tired before too long. 

Non-Slip Finish

This is one of the major benefits of using certain types of paint for a concrete pool deck. You don’t want a smooth surface that is going to cause the family to slip every time they get out of the pool.


This is a consideration as you are going to have to look at the pool area as you sit around it. Some products leave. glossy finish whilst others less smooth but they tend to be gripper and resistant to slippages.

Different Types of Concrete Pool Deck Paint


A common paint for the pool area, these are often used to paint the inside of the pool as well. They come in two types, premium and water-based. The latter is fast drying but does not tend to last as long as the premium options.

Still, expect to get up to 3 years of use out of them under normal conditions. Water-resistant does not give you so much protection against fading or stains but it does dry within a couple of days usually.

Premium acrylic pool paint can be applied wet or dry and over unpainted decks or those already coated in acrylic paint.

They leave you with a high gloss finish and can last up to 5 years.


The other common type lasts longer than the acrylic meaning you can enjoy up to 8 years of protection. You also get better chemical and stain resistance and can be used on fiberglass and granite surfaces and has a pleasantly smooth finish to it.

They are solvent-based but are the most durable of the different options. 

How Do You Prep A Pool Decking For Painting?

When it comes to painting a concrete decking area there are certain things you can do to ensure you get the best results. First of all, it is best to clean the deck and sweep it to get rid of any dirt and debris. 

Then, wash it and wait for it to dry. After this, you can apply your chosen paint for your concrete pool deck.

What Are The Benefits of Painting A Pool Deck?

The area surrounding your pool can be the subject of a fair amount of abuse. Not only are the elements going to cause damage over time, but the chemicals and water from the pool can tale their toll.

Painting a pool deck makes the whole area look new and can make it more appealing. This is also a good idea if you are looking to sell your property. 

It can also make the area safer as a damaged pool area can cause trips and falls that otherwise could be avoided. Using a slip resistance paint can give you another layer of pool safety.

What Is The Best Color For Painting Concrete Pool Deck?

This is a matter of personal preference but certain colors seem more popular than others. Neutral colors like grey or sand are a good choice as they tend to stand up to the elements well and generally offer a natural look.

Otherwise, certain shades of blue can blend well with the water, and tan is another popular color that is widely available.

Should I Seal A Concrete Pool Deck?

This can be a good idea for most people as it can extend the lifespan of the paint. 

When you consider the amount of exposure the area will get to the sun, you need more protection from the UV rays that can cause fading. A sealer also leaves it with a professional look and can seal the concrete, making it look its best for longer.


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