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Whether you. want to make sure your baby’s room is the ideal temperature, or just need to know when to put the aircon on, an indoor-outdoor thermometer is an important product to buy. This can help the whole family feel more comfortable, not to mention safe. 

There are a variety of products to choose from and there are even indoor-outdoor thermometers that tell you the temperature inside your home, as well as what’s going on outside. 

To help make this purchase a simple one, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In An Indoor Thermometer

User-Friendly Display

One of the most important traits for an indoor thermometer is that it is easy to take a reading. Some of the low-quality products are confusing which makes them difficult to trust. Most digital thermometers have clear LED displays and some even have adjustable brightness settings.

Battery Life

If you are purchasing a digital indoor thermometer, you want to make sure it has a decent battery. life. You won’t be able to get a solar product like you can for outdoor versions but some last for many months to make them low maintenance.

Some brands are rechargeable via USB whilst others can be plugged into the mains although this can be restrictive.

Additional Features

Some products go way beyond your basic expectations. This is where you can monitor other things such as the humidity of your home and even set alarms.

If you have an alarm, it can help to ensure the baby’s room is always the optimal temperature. Other notable features include wind strength and direction, forecast, as well as the date and time.

WiFi Compatible

The modern age of smart devices means you can also. get thermometers that are WiFi-compatible. These can often be connected to your smartphone making it easy to take a reading wherever you are.

As long as it has the range, it should be fine to go in any room. This leads to…

Smart Home Compatibility

If you have a home full of the latest gadgets and conveniences then your indoor thermometer can follow suit. A lot of the better items are compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant so you can take an accurate reading. 

This can allow you to set your other smart home devices to activate during certain temperatures, so you can close those smart blinds, turn on the air-con, or even the sprinklers. 

Transmission Range

The larger your home, the more important this will be. A transmission range should be several feet with high-end products giving you hundreds of feet of range. 


You want less margin for error and highly accurate readings from your indoor thermometer. If you are relying on an indoor thermometer to make a baby’s room as comfortable as possible for a good night’s sleep or want to know if it is swimming temperature outside, the accuracy is important.

Weather Resistance

Some products just do not cope with harsh conditions so well. However, this is where other brands will excel. With lithium battery technology and a waterproof sensor, some indoor thermometers are capable of working when the temperature goes deep into the minus readings. 

Linked Readings

Depending on the brand you are considering, some can display the readings of other thermometers. This means you can keep a check on the baby’s room, garden, wine cellar, and whatever else you want to keep an eye on.  

Mounting Options

You don’t always want to keep the indoor thermometer in the same place. This is why it is good to have multiple mounting options. If it is to be fixed to the wall, it can be useful if the mounting bracket comes off easily. Some brands might. include more than one to make life easier.

If it has a magnetic back, then this opens up other options, including the ability to mount it to your fridge. 

Where To Place A Remote Sensor?

If you are buying an indoor-outdoor thermometer then you will need to find an ideal spot to mount your outdoor thermometer. You should go for a shady spot so a porch area that will stop direct sunlight from impact the reading.

Also, try and give it some shelter so it is less exposed to rainfall which can damage it over time.

What Is The Ideal Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Transmission Range?

For most people, the best transmission range will be anything from 200 – 300 feet. This gives you enough scope to find the ideal spot to mount it. Take into account the fact that walls and WiFi signals can cause a few issues and make adjustments until you get a reliable signal for accurate readings.

Why Use An Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

Although they are commonly used in vehicles to give you an accurate sense of what is going on outside your car, these products have become popular inside for a reason.

Anytime you are planning a trip, it can be good to see if the conditions are favorable. A lot of products will give you more than a temperature reading as knowing the humidity and UV levels are important.

Are Indoor Outdoor Thermometers Accurate?

This depends on the reliability of the product you choose but the high-quality brands are very accurate. When you get this right, you can take a reading of the outside without having to brave the elements and even most are arcuate within a degree at the least.

With a clear display and plenty of other features with most products, they are considered to be among the most reliable types available.

How Much Does An Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Cost?

Given the amount of technology that goes into these products, a lot of people consider them to be a good value for money. Of course, a product that is compatible with smart home devices is going to cost more but the average price for a decent product tends to be around  $20. As we say, there are plenty of products available for more, but it might not be necessary to go too much higher. 

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