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One of the most fun purchases, and also one of the most rewarding, a hot tub needs to tick certain boxes for you to get the most out of it. Although there is plenty to choose from, this isn’t always such a good thing. With too many flimsy products on the market, there is a definite need to find out a little more before you purchase.

Because we want you to be able to enjoy many years of relaxing in your hot tub, we have created the following guide. Once you’ve read it, you’ll know what to expect from the better products.

What To Look For In A Hot Tub


One of the primary concerns for a lot of people, the size of your hot tub is a key decision. Although you might only think about you and your partner, there might be no end to the number of people trying to invite themselves over.

Most hot tubs tend to accommodate 4-6 people although some can fit a couple more.


Most hot tubs are made in the square design that you commonly see although some products are made a little different. If this is to your taste then consider a product that is an octagon or circular shape.

Heat Range

Any reputable company will make their hot tub within certain specifications and when it comes to the heat range, don’t expect them to stray from the norm. 

This means you should get a maximum of 104 degrees F, and a minimum of anything between 50 – 65 degrees F. Also keep an eye out for the hot tubs that are fast to heat as this will make life a lot easier. 


Although this can be difficult a hot tub is a buyer’s market. With so many to choose from, there is a product for most budgets and we urge anyone considering a hot tub to stick to what they can afford. 

Some products have powerful jets, are made from durable materials, and are easy to install without costing you as much as some of the brands that promise the world, are far costlier, yet fail to deliver. 


You might not consider this to be essential now, but after a little while, a hot tub is not immune to some wear and tear. This can pile up until certain functions don’t work so well.

This is where it is a sensible idea to protect your purchase with a warranty if you can find one. 

Where Should I Place My Hot Tub?

One of the primary concerns, when you have your hot tub ready to be installed, is the placement. You need to be sure unless you are purchasing the portable type and although the measurements of the tub are a good indication of the space you need, it is a good idea to consider the cover that takes up a bit of added room.

A hot tub must have a flat, sturdy surface and be close enough to a power source. This means you will need to keep it close to the house and if possible, away from trees of anywhere that falling debris could be a concern.

Portable Hot Tub Vs In-Ground

There are benefits to both but no doubt one will suit your needs better. 

In terms of durability, there is no question; in-ground pools are going to last longer. Portable hot tubs tend to be the inflatable kind or those that are made from less sturdy materials.

However, this isn’t everyone’s top priority and if you want a product you can move from place to place, or choose to position it somewhere different in your backyard, then the portable types are a better option.

They are also kinder on the wallet, but when you pay more you do tend to get better quality. They might be more challenging to install but an in0ground hot tub is built to last and will often be more powerful.

Tips For Enjoying A Hot Tub

Heat It In Advance

Although you might be ready to get into your hot tub after work, the water might have other ideas. Because a hot tub can take anything between 4 to 20 hours to heat up depending on the model and desired settings, you need to prepare in advance.

Most products are easy to program and some can even be started when you are out.


This is important as a hot tub is going to heat your body, causing you to lose fluid. It is a smart idea to drink water before and after using a hot tub.


Above all else, you should use your hot tub the way it is intended and if you have any ongoing health issues, consult your doctor before you consider using it. 

All pregnant women should do the same and never use a hot tub 104 degrees F. As with a swimming pool, you should never leave children unsupervised around a hot tub and be sure to cover it up when you are done to help prevent accidents.

When it comes to alcohol, be sensible, and be sure to read the safety instructions for your specific model.

How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost?

A permanent in-ground hot tub is going to set you back more than the portable products out there, but you can purchase a quality hot tub for between $3,000 to $15,000.

The budget options mean you will have to make compromises somewhere, usually on customizable options and perhaps the build quality but anything within this range should last many years.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub?

There is no exact way of saying how much it will cost as there are certain aspects that differ every month including usage as well as the type and power of the heater, not to mention the area that you live and the rates.

However, a lot of companies shout about the fact that their hot tubs cost around $1 a day to operate. At most, you might be looking at the $50 mark to keep those jets pumping.



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