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Hot Tub Chemicals Guide

As much as we like the joy of being able to relax in an outdoor spa of our own, there is still the maintenance to take care of. The best hot tub chemicals are your way of ensuring the water is also clean and hygienic as long as all the other parts are functioning as they should. With such an important area, you need to make sure the hot tub chemicals you buy are the right ones, and up to the task.

Because of this, we have created the following buyer’s guide. 

What To Look For In Hot Tub Chemicals

Fast Dissolving

Using hot tub chemicals is the part of owning the tub that we don’t want to think about too much. We all want to be able to get into the warm water when we feel the call of the bubbles and a fast-dissolving product can mean you don’t have to wait long. 

Most brands make chemicals that get to work fast so you can get back in the water sooner.

The Right Product

If you are new to the world of hot tubs, you might not realize that there are different types of chemicals. They all serve a purpose but make sure you get the right one for your needs. Some are designed for continual use and are good for year-round hygienic water.

Other products will be made to shock the water. This is necessary when it hasn’t been cleaned in a while and the water has started to change color because of algae and bacteria.


You don’t want to buy hot tub chemicals only to find that it will not be able to do its job in a few months. Most products have a decent shelf life but make sure the one you are considering will be useable for a long time.

Otherwise, you risk pouring ineffective chemicals into the water.

UV Resistant

Some products offer better UV resistance than others and this will be important since the sun’s rays cause the chemicals to evaporate. The more you can do to minimize this, the longer the hot tub will stay clean and safe.


Some products are designed only for use in certain hot tubs whilst others are fine to go in a variety of waters. To make life easier, you might consider hot tub chemicals that are suitable for salt pools and chlorine pools.


Some hot tub chemicals come in a powdered form that means you will need to portion it out correctly whilst others come in a tablet form. These tend to be easier as long as you know how many to use each time but they can also be more expensive.


Because we are talking harsh chemicals here, the product you buy needs to come in a secure container. You don’t want young hands anywhere near them so keep them out of reach. 

Different Types of Hot Tub Chemicals

There are a handful of different products you can choose from and each of them offers unique benefits. 


The warm waters of a hot tub make the conditions ideal for bacteria and other nasties to thrive which is something you will need to take care of if you want to make it a safe place to relax. 

Sanitizer is one such chemical that kills these microorganisms and comes in the form of bromine, or the more popular, chlorine. Although chlorine acts fast and is highly effective, it also has a potent smell to it and some people do not react well to it.

This is why bromine has become popular but it comes at a price, even though it is kinder on skin.

pH Balance

You should be able to examine the levels in your hot tub using a pH test strip and make an assessment. Depending on whether it is too acidic or overly alkaline, you should find a product to bring it to the optimal pH levels. This is why it is a sensible idea to have both available.


As with a swimming pool, sometimes, only a shock will do. This is where you might notice algae has taken over the pool. Don’t fret, although it does mean an increase in bacteria, it is easily reversed by using a shock formula. 

The type of shock you need will depend on the color of the algae or the state of the pool as some are better suited to different kinds and situations. 

Calcium Hardness

Soft and hard water can have an impact on its quality and you want to be within the optimal calcium range of 150 to 400 ppm. To avoid scale build-up or damage to your piping, it can be a good idea to use calcium-related chemicals to bring it back within the preferred range. 


As the name suggests, these products help to reverse any cloudiness so you get clean and clear water to hop into. Sometimes the water foams which can be off-putting so using these hot tub chemicals is a good way of making the water look inviting again.

Why Use Hot Tub Chemicals?

Any pool of water needs to use chemicals to make it hygienic and safe to use. Hot tub chemicals are the easiest way of killing bacteria, adding some much-needed clarity to the water, or getting rid of algae.

Without them, the water can become unsafe pretty fast and it is always best to use them consistently, even when you are not using the hot tub regularly.

They kill pathogens, are inexpensive, and ensure that whoever gets in is not at risk of catching an illness from the water.

How Long Do I Wait After Adding Hot Tub Chemicals? 

It will vary from product to product but as a general rule, thirty minutes is usually enough time for the chemicals to dissolve and for the water to be safe to use. 

As long as the jets have been running, the cover is off, and the water has circulated, this should be ample time.

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