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Whether you are planning a summer gathering or want to make your outside space shaded so you can enjoy the great outdoors, a quality gazebo is a must-have. This summer essential needs to be durable enough to last more than one season and once you have found the right size, there is a lot to learn.

From the waterproof to the design, we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll find this decision a lot easier.

What to Look For In A Gazebo


This is where you will need to find the balance between a gazebo that is heavy enough to not tip over but also won’t weigh you down too much when you are trying to put it together.

Because there are a lot of metal parts such as steel with some models, expect certain brands to be heavier than others. 


Do you need something to cover you and your partner or something better for entertaining? This is where you need to consider the size. Most are square but the bigger they get, the more variety you will discover. 

It is not uncommon to find a range of octagon-shaped gazebos, ovals, rectangles, and more. Anyone who wants to sit at a long table under their gazebo should look for a rectangular product. 

In some places, you may find that there are restrictions on the size of a gazebo so if you are considering something that is particularly big, make sure you know you are on the right side of the law.

Mesh Screen

Not every brand is going to include a mesh screen with their gazebo but since these are the warm, summer months we are talking about here, expect the bugs to want to get in on the fun.

A mesh screen gives you a layer of protection so if you live in an area where this would be beneficial, it is something to consider.


To stop the gazebo from flying off into the distance, you need to be able to secure it in the ground. One of the most effective ways of doing so is with stakes. These should be well built and sturdy themselves so you can rely on them when the wind picks up.

Easy Set-Up

The bigger the gazebo, the trickier it might be to put together. Still, some large products don’t take long to install when you have an extra pair of hands at the ready. 


Arguably the most important feature as this is what is either going to make it durable or flimsy. The wooden options are some of the most popular with the pleasant yet sturdy feel to pine, cedar, and others. 

There is a level of maintenance involved as it will need to be treated to prolong its lifespan. Otherwise, steel is worth considering as it is sturdy and hard-wearing. It is also a bit on the heavy side.  

Then there is aluminum which is lighter so not as secure in strong weather but it is portable. 

Open Vs Enclosed Gazebos

This is one feature you are going to have to decide upon and there are benefits to both. The open variety means you get plenty of breezes so even on those scorching days there is a little relief.

Some offer you the best of both, with walls that can be folded away or secured in place. This is good if you get mosquitoes in your area and you can shut them out or even get some shelter from the rain.

Where Should I Put My Gazebo?

You’ve just unboxed your gazebo and you’re ready to set it up, but where to put it? 

A good start is away from water and in a place that has open space around it. You might need to put the stakes in the ground so need a bit of room around the parameter. Any rocky areas or a part of your outdoor area with sharp objects should also be avoided.

If you aren’t securing it with stakes then a good option is to place it on your decking or a patio where the surface is nice and flat.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Gazebo?

A lot depends on how big the gazebo is and how much help you have. Most designs are pretty straight forward to put together so you should expect to have it up and running within the hour. 

If this sounds appealing then you might consider a popup gazebo.

Do I Have To Anchor My Gazebo?

Although it is not always necessary when you buy a heavier gazebo, it can be a good idea to anchor it if you are expecting a bit of wind. If you are planning on leaving it up when you’re not using it then it can be a wise move to make sure it doesn’t end up in next door’s backyard.

How To Maintain A Gazebo?

When you don’t use it for a while, like in the colder months, a gazebo can deteriorate pretty quickly if neglected. You might notice cobwebs or debris getting stuck to the walls such as leaves. 

This is why it is better to keep an eye on it and clean it every once in a while so it is in good condition next time you get to use it properly. 

If you plan on putting it away for the cold months, wipe it down and make sure it is dry to stop mold from forming. 

How Much Does A Gazebo Cost?

This can vary dramatically and a basic gazebo is a fraction of the price of the wooden types that have walls that can be attached and removed.

For a product that is a proper wooden structure, you can expect to pay in the thousands but the upside is these products will last a long time. Some companies will charge you to install it and this in itself can cost hundreds depending on the size.

This being said, an ordinary regular-sized gazebo will cost around $200 and above.


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