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Maintaining your pool is a thankless task and who wants to be going out by the water on a cold day just to make sure it is hygienic? Still, it is an important task for the safety of those nearby but the right chlorine tablets can make life easier. This is because they have the right chemical balance among other things.

However, it can be hard to tell the quality products from the ones you should avoid. With this in mind, we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll know what the best chlorine tablets should offer.

What To Look For In Chlorine Tablets

Child-Proof Container

Most chlorine tablets come in large multi-packs. These are great for saving money but you do need to make sure the container is secure. This usually comes in the form of a reliable lid that stays shut, making it difficult for young hands to remove.

Since these tablets are corrosive, you’re going to want to keep your kids out. 

Individually Wrapped

This will prolong the lifespan of the tablets and much like the types you put in your dishwasher, they will work better when they are fresh. If the product you are considering does not wrap the tablets. individually, it might be best to look at another brand.


You want the chlorine tablets to get to work as soon as they come into contact with the water. This is true with most brands as they will dissolve slowly but start to clean the pool immediately.

As long as the tablet doesn’t absorb too quickly, you should have a nice clean pool within a matter of minutes.


The last thing you want is to get corrosive dust all over your fingers when you take a chlorine tablet out of the packet. The better products tend to keep their form well. If you are worried about the texture then remember to wear protective gloves and you should be fine.


The value tends to come from larger tubs of chlorine tablets. This is because most brands will discount their larger quantities which means you won’t have to top up your supply so fast as well.


The size of the chlorine tablet is generally a reflection of the task it has ahead. They are mostly between 1-3 inches and the latter is better suited to larger pools. Most brands tell you how many tablets you need per 10,000 gallons of water so you can amend to suit the needs of your pool.

What Is A Chlorine Tablet?

This is a product that pool cleaners or those cleaning their own use to kill bacteria and improve the cleanliness of the water so it is safe to swim in. Even when you aren’t using the pool, it is important to kill algae before it builds into an issue you need to fix.

Chlorine often comes in a powdered form that you can throw in when you know the right quantity but a tablet makes the measuring easier. They are pressed into the convenient tablet size and sanitize the water.

How Long Does A Chlorine Tablet Work For?

Depending on the brand and strength, a typical chlorine tablet will last for up to 7 to 10 days as a maximum. This means there is less maintenance than having to keep tabs on the chemical balance every day and you can enjoy a hassle-free swimming pool.

Stabilized Vs Non-Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

These are your choices and both have their benefits.

Because the sun’s UV rays cause chlorine to dissolve faster, it can be better to find a product that dissolves slower. This is what you get from a stabilizes chlorine tablet. It gives you a bit of protection from the tablet disappearing too fast so you don’t the same benefits of a chlorine tablet as usual.

An unstabilized chlorine tablet will dissolve faster as it does not contain the added cyanuric acid to protect the chlorine from the sun. You will often find these to be the more affordable products but the downside is that you will have to use them more often.

Unstabilized chlorine tablets are good to use in the same way a pool shock works, giving the water a blast of chemicals. This is especially beneficial after prolonged periods of neglect where you may have covered the pool but not cleaned the water for some time.

How Much Chlorine Should There Be In A Chlorine Tablet?

Around 90% of chlorine is needed to properly treat the pool water. This is what you need to kill bacteria, algae, viruses, and other unwanted entities that can fester in untreated pool water.

How Much Do Chlorine tablets Cost?

Although they aren’t expensive, they are also something you cannot put off buying if you have just purchased a swimming pool. A 5-pound pack will usually cost close to $20 but if you want to save money in the long run, it is always a good idea to invest in a larger pack.

Since they can go pretty fast and you don’t want to have to go without for too long, we advise purchasing a decent supply.

Can I Swim If The Chlorine Tablet Isn’t Dissolved Yet?

Yes, you can. Although it can be better to wait for a little while for the chlorine tablet to clean the water, there is no harm in getting in when you can still see the tablet not completely dissolved at the bottom.

Are Chlorine Tablets Safe?

When used properly, a chlorine tablet is a safe, easy to use, and effective product. Not to mention, they are also vital for a safe pool. However, because they are corrosive, it is always better to use protective gloves to handle them.

Also, they should be kept out of the way of children and never swelled. Inhaling chlorine can be just as damaging and there is a risk of chlorine poising when you come into contact with it. This is why it is always better to minimize the time you are handling it and get it straight into the water.

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