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We all want to be able to enjoy the pool, especially our little ones so a baby float is a necessity. Introducing your kids to the water can help them develop basic motor skills, water confidence, and even the early stages of learning to swim. However, when they are particularly young, it is important to own products that keep them safe so you can share the pool in confidence. 

This is why we have created the following baby float guide. by the end of it, you will know what the better products are capable of.

What To Look For In A Baby Float


Although you should never leave a child or baby unattended around the water, the device itself should be safe to use. This means it needs to be made from quality materials that are less susceptible to damage. Also, it should be reliable so it does not tip over.

Always make sure you are within reach of your baby whilst he or she is enjoying their baby float at all times.

Multiple Inflation Chambers

This is a characteristic or a lot of the reputable baby floats. When you have multiple inflation chambers it means that if one has a tear or puncture, there is more chance of the float still keeping your child afloat. Again, we should stress that these products are not to be treated as failproof so stay close.

Age Appropriate

Some products are not designed to hold a baby of a certain age or weight whilst others are too big and risk a younger child slipping through. Always check the sizing to make sure your baby is the perfect age so they can stay safe and get the most enjoyment from their baby float.


This means you shouldn’t have to force a child into a small leg section of a seat and they should be able to splash in comfort. When upright, a baby will be able to splash and enjoy the feeling of the water but this is only the case if the baby float isn’t pinching or rubbing against their skin.

Easy Inflation

This is more to do with convenience for the adults than anything else but a baby float should be easy to inflate. Because they are a lot smaller there shouldn’t be a lot of effort and you can usually inflate the without the need for a pump although some do come with one.


Although not every product is going to come with one, a warranty can protect your purchase. You should expect to get a fair but if use out of it before it is no longer usable. A warranty helps to ensure you don’t end up with a low-quality product and have to pay the price.

Sun Protection

You’re not going in the water unless it’s warm and if this means you’re enjoying the sun outside, it can be a good idea to buy a baby float with sun protection. 

A baby’s skin is more delicate so it is going to need another layer of protection from the sun’s rays.

Non-Toxic Materials

Although this should be a given in this day and age, there is still the odd baby product that is not made from safe and quality materials. Look for an indication as to the toxicity of the PVC or other lining and materials before you purchase.

Interactive Design

Some baby floats are made for safety as well as entertainment. This can help to develop some new basic motor skills as they feel the water on their skin. Some products have attachments that a child can play with or just a colorful design that grabs their attention.

Always make sure that no matter what the design, there are enough safety features in place and it is a product known for being reliable.

Is A Baby Float Safe?

When you buy a quality product from a reputable brand, a baby float can be perfectly safe. Still, accidents happen and no product is immune to accidents so it is always essential that you remain close at all times.

The best baby floats are secure, reliable, and fun for your child. Before your child uses it, we recommend that you check all sides and features to make sure the product is as you expect and safe for your baby.

Check all the air valves, chambers, seat straps, and look for leaks before every use. As your child splashes and plays, there is always the possibility that a baby float can tip so never leave your child alone or out of your sight. 

How Much Does A Baby Float Cost?

Alghtoun you can pick up a baby float for as little as $10, it isn’t such a good idea to choose value over reliability. These products are made of less durable materials although they are still fine if you are close enough at all times.

The best baby floats tend to be around the $15 and above price range. This will ensure different features such as some interactive toys or a higher standard of materials to keep your baby afloat. 

Is A Chlorinated Pool Safe For A Baby?

Even the fumes from a chlorinated pool can irritate some babies so it is a good idea to wait until they are of a certain age before enjoying your pool. 

If you notice a rash forming then remove your baby from the water as they may be reacting from the chemicals in the pool and it is too early for their delicate skin.

What Age Can You Use A Baby Float From?

Although some products might be recommended for use at an earlier age, a lot of experts recommend that a baby should not be put in a pool float until 6 months old.

From this age, they can interact and enjoy the water and hold their head up when sat down. All children develop at different speeds so you should evaluate whether or not your child is ready to use a baby float.

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