Best Above Ground Pool Heater

Above Ground Pool Heater

To make sure you can get the most out of your pool and extend the number of days you can use it, an above ground pool heater is a sensible purchase. Among the most energy-efficient when you buy certain types, they represent an easy way to raise the temperature of the water whether the air is still warm or not

Ideal for certain climates, they are only worth purchasing if you know what a quality product is capable of. To help make this decision easier, we have created the following above ground pool heater guide.

What To Look For In An Above Ground Pool Heater


Although above ground pools are often a bit smaller than the in-ground types, you still need the heater to be efficient. A lot will depend on the heating method with some using natural gas which is among the most consistent when it comes to power but it cannot beat solar-powered products for the value.

However, the initial outlay is more expensive with solar power above ground pool heaters but they don’t always generate as much power when the sun is not as prominent.

Using electricity to power an above ground pool heater is probably the most convenient and provides a reliable power source although it can be more expensive.

Heating Capacity

Once you have considered the size of your above ground pool and how much power the heater needs to get the water to a comfortable temperature, the heating capacity comes next.

The good news is that you don’t need as many BTUs as the in-ground versions but you still need to match it to the capacity of your pool. Go for something too powerful and you could waste a lot of money on energy bills, too small and it won’t heat the water enough.

Easy Installation

This is a major consideration as certain installation methods require an expert to do a lot of work. If you need to hook the above ground pool heater up to your mains or a gas pipe then it is often best to seek a professional to help.

Solar heaters are not as difficult to install but one thing to consider is how close to the poverty you have placed the pool.

Control Panel

The easier this is to use, the better. Most products tend to come with simple controls so you can pre-set a timer to heat the pool overnight or switch it to your desired temperature. 

If you can find one that monitors the temperature you can always make sure it is at a comfortable and safe level for swimming. 

Reputable Brand

Although it can be tempting to purchase a bargain, it is not always a sensible idea; When you are talking about attaching an above ground pool heater to the mains or gas supply, you don’t want to be working with low-quality materials or a product that is not known for durability.

This is why we recommend sticking with reputable brands.


As with any product you buy for your pool, you want to be sure you get a warranty. Even if it is only for a year or two, the coverage will give you peace of mind. Because even the most reputable brands are not immune to having the odd faulty product, it is a good way of protecting your purchase.

How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Heater Cost?

This depends on the brand and the power supply. Electrical units can be cheaper initially but are more expensive to run whereas a solar-powered product is more expensive to buy but will cost you a lot less.

Anyone who wants to buy a quality above ground pool heater needs to part with around $700 – $1,500. A lot of the time, the upper end of the scale is not necessary but to buy a product that is known for being durable and provide a reliable power source, $700 is your minimum/

Can You Buy A Heater For An Above Ground Pool?

The short answer is Yes! There are plenty of great options for above ground pools so you aren’t stuck with a handful of low-quality products.

There are almost as many choices as the in-ground versions with natural gas, electric, and solar-powered among the most common. 

Because they are heating smaller pools, they require fewer BTU’s and cost a lot less than the heaters for in-ground pools.

Solar Vs Electric

Although both have their benefits, your budget and size of the pool will influence which is better for you.

A solar power above ground pool heater will cost a lot more but on the plus side, they are cheap to run compared to the electric types. However, they are not so good when the sun isn’t shining throughout the day and since this is when you often need to heat your pool more, electric products are often considered to be a good option.

They give you a consistent and reliable power source which means you can heat the pool whenever you want.

Are Above Ground Pool Heaters Worth It?

If you want to get the most out of your pool, then an above ground pool heater is a must. Not only are they cheaper than the in-ground versions, but they don’t cost as much to run.

In the colder months, before you consider covering the pool up for the foreseeable, invest in a heater. This means that it doesn’t matter how long or short the summer is this year, you can always get guaranteed pool time.

How Else Can I Heat My Pool?

There are other methods for ensuring the heat stays in your pool. The most common is by preaching a quality above ground pool cover. There are different types such as a solar blanket that stops the heat from escaping whilst transferring the heat from the sun to the water. 

These products complement an above ground pool heater well and can mean it doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money on your bills.



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